Winchester, VA/ Washington DC Trip

The end of July was time for me to head back to my home. I grew up in the Virginia/West Virginia area. I came home for a couple of days and that seemed to almost not be enough time. 

My first day back I immediately went to see my family and than that night met up with all my old friends for a night of drinking!

My second day there I met up with an amazing photographer that I had known previously in my high school years. We shot in a forest with nothing but a long shirt and shorts. We planned the shoot very last minutes and threw it together, but the photos came out to be, thus far, my favorites photos I have done. We clicked very well and created a very emotional and artistic feel.

That Monday I shot with a photographer that I had shot with previously multiple times. We went to downtown Winchester, VA and shot in some local areas including by an old car, a train, tall grass and some cool buildings. The outfits were a great match for the feel of the shoot and we ended up getting some more sexy type of photos. 

Also that Monday, I did a shoot at a hotel with a photographer that I have also previously worked with. We did basically some head shots as well as some dress and boudoir. 

Lastly, I shot on Tuesday in D.C. with a former photographer that I have shot with while living there. We did some head shots as well and some commercial type shots. 

Boston, MA Trip

Around the end of June I went to Boston, MA for a couple of days to start another adventure. I have never been much of a city girl, so I didn't think this place would appeal to me very much. To my surprise, I actually had an amazing time in the city and there were BEAUTIFUL places around Boston that I had no idea existed. 

Luckily I had a friend named Rob in Boston who gave me a place to stay, along with his roommates. I got to meet them as well as some old friends I had previously met in California. It was a fun time of drinking, dancing, adventuring, shooting guns, and eating lots of food! I made some great friendships there and will  be back. 

I shot with a photographer who was a friend of my friends. We all went to an abandoned building and broke in. It was one of the creepiest places I have been in. There were parts of the building falling apart and photos with eyes cut out. There were old rooms with dolls and strange machines. This was an adventure for sure. We shot all over the building, and I was in a white elegant dress. It contrasted beautifully with the dreadful background. 

An interesting shoot and one that used film as well. I had to get used to holding poses longer!



Northern Michigan Shoot/Traverse City

At the end of April, I went to Northern Michigan to Traverse City with White Sails Photography and stayed a few nights in a Hostel booked from Airbnb. I must admit, this adventure was one of my favorites. There were no worries and the town was simply beautiful and elegant.

White Sails Photography is run by a friend of mine, Gabrielle. We enjoyed some friend time and than went to start our adventure by getting up super early in the morning to try and catch the sunrise on the Sleeping Bear Dunes. This as well as some other spots would be where we would be shooting. We unfortunately got lost and missed shooting in the sun rise but figured the lighting wouldn't work too well anyways. After adventuring through some beautiful Birch trees and, what seemed like, an enchanted forest, we came out to a huge drop where you could see the crystal blue Lake Michigan. After a bit more traveling, we got to the dunes. We shot there a couple hours. I was throwing myself around like a rag doll. 

I feel this was one of my hardest shoots. It was windy and the sand was either extremely hot or cold. It was hard to balance and the rough sand hurt my skin. But in the end, it was worth all the extremes because the end results were magnificent. After shooting we ran down the dune, like a bunch of goofs and headed back to hang a bit more before the travel back home. 

The beauty of this place still gets to me. There was a beach, a desert, a forest and seemingly an ocean (but really a giant lake), all that could be seen almost together. I suggest a trip up to the Sleeping Bear Dunes and Traverse City for sure.