Winchester, VA/ Washington DC Trip

The end of July was time for me to head back to my home. I grew up in the Virginia/West Virginia area. I came home for a couple of days and that seemed to almost not be enough time. 

My first day back I immediately went to see my family and than that night met up with all my old friends for a night of drinking!

My second day there I met up with an amazing photographer that I had known previously in my high school years. We shot in a forest with nothing but a long shirt and shorts. We planned the shoot very last minutes and threw it together, but the photos came out to be, thus far, my favorites photos I have done. We clicked very well and created a very emotional and artistic feel.

That Monday I shot with a photographer that I had shot with previously multiple times. We went to downtown Winchester, VA and shot in some local areas including by an old car, a train, tall grass and some cool buildings. The outfits were a great match for the feel of the shoot and we ended up getting some more sexy type of photos. 

Also that Monday, I did a shoot at a hotel with a photographer that I have also previously worked with. We did basically some head shots as well as some dress and boudoir. 

Lastly, I shot on Tuesday in D.C. with a former photographer that I have shot with while living there. We did some head shots as well and some commercial type shots.